Every woman deserves a doula.

What is a doula?

As defined by The International Doula Institute:

A doula is a professional support person trained in the needs of the family during pregnancy and childbirth. The doula offers non-judgmental support, guidance, evidence-based education and practical hands-on support during childbirth including comfort measures. Doula originates from the Greek word meaning woman servant. A birth doula recognizes the profound impact of childbirth on the mother.

The doula does not provide medical care, clinical tasks such a cervical checks or fetal heart tones and does not speak on behalf of the client.

Why hire a doula?

Doulas can help reduce the likelihood of an unnecessary cesarean. Research shows the presence of a doula also reduces the likelihood that a vacuum or forceps will be used, and that birthing parents with doula care are less likely to need pain medications. In addition, parents who hire a doula are more likely to be satisfied by their birth experience and more likely to have a slightly shorter labor. The most famous quote about doulas by Dr. John H. Kennell is worth repeating here: If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.

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Postpartum Package

  • 2 prenatal visits
  • Unlimited phone/text/e-mail support throughout your pregnancy
  • Virtual support throughout labor & delivery
  • In home check in after birth, will stay up to 2-3 hours to assist as needed
  • 3 postpartum visits


Bereavement Package

  • Unlimited phone/text/e-mail support
  • Grief support for you (& your partner)
  • Keepsake & memorial planning
  • Support for other family members
  • 2 postpartum visits

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No Cost

Virtual Package

Due to COVID-19, I am offering virtual services for clients who would like to opt out of face-to-face contact.

  • Similar to the Postpartum Package, but all through Zoom, FaceTime, phone/text/ e-mail support.


Please contact me for additional pricing & other services.
If you're experiencing financial hardship, I do offer payment plans for families in need.