A visual storyteller.

Hey! My name is Dena and my passion for photography comes from the intense love for my family and my M O T H E R H O O D community. You see, once you become a mother, your life is completely altered. There are some rough patches here and there, but there is this new person that is born. You are now your child greatest protector, their person they laugh with when they're being tickled, who cuts the crust off all of their sandwiches, takes them to see their first concert, watches all of the Blip episodes on repeat, teaches them how to put up their ponytail, study for their Friday History test & the list goes on. These are the moments I live for everyday!

Photography is about capturing adventurous love that spans across the globe, all while using a fine art eye and fearless heart. I will always strive to capture images full of raw light and rich colors. I'm fascinated by my clients' life stories as well as each individual's perspective - especially mothers. Capturing motherhood, birthing + postpartum has allowed me to connect with mamas and tell their stories, while also being challenged and inspired. Let me share with you the real and raw moments. I cannot wait to be a part of your story to help you save and cherish life's greatest moments. Let's do the damn thang!

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Photography is the only language that can be understood from anywhere in the world.

(Bruno Barbey)